Play ball!!

And so the Little League playoffs begin. Ethan’s 12U AA team has their opening playoff game tonight, and since four players are missing (two replaced by 10U players), this will probably be the final game of the season. Emery is one of those 10U players, though, which makes the team automatically better. ;o)

What have we learned? That just because a team won league play last season in A ball, that doesn’t translate to easy wins in AA. That fundamentals, if not practiced and made habits, will kill a team. That certain parents tend to forget that these are 12-year-old kids, not MLB players, and mistakes will be common.

Next season will bring change, though Ethan doesn’t know this yet. He has been relegated to full-time CF duty, with very little time at pitcher or 1B. He’s learned patience…he has it now in spades. The thing about baseball, though: when the season ends, no matter what, we get excited about next season!



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