It’s World Cup 2014 time!! (I’ll be over here, watching the US Open)

Unlike most Americans, I really don’t have a problem with soccer.  I am hard-pressed to think of a better experience for a young child (from an athletic standpoint) than soccer…shoot, I played for three years!  Still, it’s not golf, and when the World’s Largest Soccer Tournament coincides with the National Open Golf Championship at Pinehurst #2, I’m watching golf.  ‘Merica.

Four years ago, though, I did get caught up in the magic of the US Team’s run to the Round of 16.  I remember rushing home from an exceptionally hot & sticky morning at Cleveland Heights Golf Club (Ethan & Emery were participants in the Florida Southern College Junior Golf Camp) to see the US-Algeria match: if the US won, they would advance out of Group Play…a tie or a loss, and they were out.  Then, in injury time, this happened…

Or this, if you were elsewhere:

But this one…yeah, this one is my favorite, the call by soccer announcer Andres Cantor:




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