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Welcome to “Grits and Golf,” my personal musings about life/sports/food/travel, and anything else that piques my interest.  I am a Floridian by birth, a current resident of North Texas, and above all else, a Southerner.  I was born and raised along the Tamlando I-4 corridor in Central Florida (bonus points if you can figure out where exactly that is!), where I lived for 40 years until I relocated to the extreme northern edge of the DFW Metroplex in July 2012.

I graduated from the University of Florida in Gainesville in the Steve Spurrier/Danny Wuerffel years, so like most Gator fans, I am very spoiled and a little delusional.  I have been in public education for 15 years as a K5 Phys Ed teacher, a 7th-grade Social Studies teacher, a dean of students at a middle school, a high school AP US History /Psychology Teacher, a curriculum developer and professional development consultant, and a Varsity Golf coach.  I have also been a licensed mortgage broker, a life/health insurance agent, and an auto claims representative.  I currently sell science-learning technologies across a seven-state territory.

This blog is named in honor of my love of good down-home Southern cooking (like Nana used to make!), and the impact that the game of golf has had on my life.  Without golf, I would have never met my wife (and in never having met her, I wouldn’t have my two kids now), or connected with my dad in a setting where we could both be comfortable in each other’s company.

I hope that you like it, and visit often.  Feel free to leave me comments as well…just keep it clean and decent.  I am not that proficient at keeping a blog yet, but I will get better…trust me!



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